Mask wearing after the pandemic!

One key opportunity in the disguise of a challenge is the introduction of face masks into daily life. I believe that once the public had gotten over the original struggle of wearing a mask in public, the vast majority of people embraced it. Not only were masks a key contributor to the prevention of coronavirus spread but people started adding their personal touches. All types of colours and designs were introduced and I believe that since it became fashionable, more people are likely to wear a mask even after the pandemic is over. The consequences of wearing a face mask especially if people are feeling ill would be astronomical in the aftermath of the pandemic as I believe that it would reduce the spread of other viral infections like the flu that remains deadly in the winter seasons. While people that work in enclosed workspaces are usually required by employers to work while they have ‘mild colds’ or a ‘cough’, enforcing mask-wearing when people are ill would dramatically reduce the number of people off work due to the spread of it, allowing companies to capitalise on work-days. Data I studied from the US National Library of Medicine, showed that that the only hindrance in preventing respiratory diseases from spreading within households was consistent mask-wearing, which is a challenge most people have overcome. Therefore, I think that the presence of masks in public areas despite the lack of a pandemic would prove to be beneficial for the greater population.




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