Meeting the needs of our future generation

As a teacher that specialise in Early years education I am most concerned for the repercussions of lockdown with the children and parents of of all ages but specifically aged between 0-8 year olds. As these families have been isolated for most of these babies lives, I feel there is going to be a major impact on all children under 3 years old that will not be use to other people or children around them. Therefore I believe transitions into nursery or school for the next few years will be more challenging then previous years and changes are going to be made to accommodate this situation and adapt for a for a smooth transition for children, parents and teachers. It‚’s highly likely new parents will find it more difficult to separate with children with higher then usual levels of anxiety and worry, especially new mums. They have not necessarily had the same experiences of in person baby classes etc or socially meeting other new mums and had the opportunity to discuss the regular concerns parents have in an informal way. Without the opportunity to communicate this in social interactions with others experiencing the exact same things, makes us worry more if we are doing things right for our child. Teaches are burnt out and highly stressed with this huge transition to teaching online and in person together.




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