Mental Health Awareness

During our covid 19 period, gradually positive developments have been made that have lifted the nation’s spirits; knowing we have mass testing, vaccines and end date to lockdown. However, there is always one underlying issue that doesn’t get spoken or raised enough, well being and mental health awareness. Before coronavirus took its toll on the nation, mental health awareness was being funded and advertised a lot more than previous years, and during this pandemic is when every individual needs it the most. Small things may seem as though they are the end of the world, people feel overly emotional and overwhelmed with certain circumstances and major loneliness is felt by all. We are surrounded by our loved ones, yet it feels so isolated and alone – each and every one of us struggles and copes in different ways but may find difficulty to voice their worries – love, support and understanding is vital at this time. From all ages, youngers to full-time workers to elderly are slumped over their desks and screens each day working away at what’s set, trying so desperately to keep up and not fall behind; if it’s work, emails, assignments it is all a strain for everybody. Humans are not made to be slouched over starring at screens for hours on end, we need flourish surrounded by friends and family out in the open. Now, more than ever, is when we all need to reach out to all. A simple call or text can make someone’s day, to know that you were thinking of them, gives a small bit of hope in this unfamiliar time. Online school, work, isolation, lockdown and restrictions aren’t going to last forever, but everybody has to sit tight and look out for one another – we’re all in the same boat.




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