Mental health matters, no matter the age

During the corona virus, more people than ever have been struggling with their mental health. Many people, teenagers especially, have disclosed that they feel like a burden to the NHS staff if they proclaim that they are struggling and need support. This feeling of having to suppress their feelings upon the younger generation has caused a raised suicide rate and an overall decline in mental well-being. The national lock down has created a feeling of isolation among many people which is why it is so important, now more than ever, to reassure everyone who is struggling that they are not alone and unite together as a community. I believe that it is so important that young adults, as well as the older generations, are aware of websites and help lines that they can reach when they are in need of support, which will make it so much easier for teenagers to ask for help. During this difficult time, it is so important that everybody talks about how they are feeling, in order to prevent or reduce the devastating effects that mental health can have on people. Mental health in young adults needs to be normalised so people do not feel alone so it is our chance to take this opportunity and to turn it into something positive for the minds of many.




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