Mentors Connect

The Realisation of a symbiotic society.

A key opportunity has arisen out of the pandemic and especially the first lockdown in March 2020 when over 750,000 volunteers applied to help the NHS and their community. Countless others helped neighbours. This shows an emerging paradigm and we must build on it.

As the late Jonathan Sacks said, we discover true value and meaning in life only when we involve ourselves in the lives of others.

Bureaucracy may make us feel powerless individually but we can act as a movement together and step up to become volunteer mentors to those in our society who may need guidance and help whether it is with finding work, motivation or discovering a path in life. For many, the slide into drugs, crime or unemployment is only too common and can be avoided with early support and direction.

There are many people who feel they have much to give and have some sort of expertise, and would welcome the opportunity to become a volunteer mentor. Conversely there are many from either disadvantaged families or without support in their lives who are floundering. Mentors can inspire them to be motivated, develop self worth and become productive members of society thus reaching their full potential.

We can create a practical solution, given by one segment of society to another, in order to redress the imbalance. Social injustices exist because the privileged do little about it and this is akin to condoning it. Mentors can make a huge difference in a pragmatic way on a one to one basis, away from bureaucracy and red tape, connecting with someone who needs help. A win win solution.




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