More Time Acknowledged

Within today’s overheated economy, time is frequently regarded as the most precious and limited resource we hold. Since we’ve loaded our week with social events and entertainment, such as going to the theatre, birthday parties, cinema, restaurant, pub, sportclub, gym, music, festivals, concerts, and more, Covid-19 demonstrates why. All of a sudden, something is canceled or prohibited, granting us a huge amount of extra time. And then, life goes on. This demonstrates how simple it is to clear our schedules. Obviously, this does not extend to the health-care industry or other critical sectors, but it does relate to the vast majority of other industries. We have the ability to spend this time doing something else or, better yet, doing nothing and enjoying the free time. Many people appear to be having difficulty with the latter, as shown by the packed parks, waste disposal points, garden centers, and DIY shops over the last week. Rather than embrace the additional free time, they quickly fill it with other activities. However, in order to take advantage of this first chance, you must re-organize your time and set aside time for nothingness is important. Not just in the middle of the crisis, but even afterwards.




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