National Emergency Response List of British Company Competence

The key challenge is for UK SMEs and larger concerns to be able to respond to a national emergency of any kind. The opportunity is to have a national database of company competence denoting the skill sets; size of unit; typical volume of goods produced and which counties the company supplies to. These companies could complete the assessment criteria necessary to be placed on a national emergency response list. In the event of a national emergency, the type of emergency could then be matrixed against the skill sets needed and the companies could be contacted. A portfolio of draft ‚’emergency contracts‚’ could already be made available for use with the companies to enable a swift response in the event that the Government needs companies to switch to producing certain goods or equipment. In the event of a national emergency, the emergency planning teams could matrix the skills sets required and the available capacity within each local area and Government would be able to see the national picture and where any deficit needed to be filled via emergency imports. We have some wonderful British companies and they need to be the first responders to national emergencies. If they went on the National Emergency Response List, for which they completed a short annual update at the time of their financial ‚’year-end‚’ then this database could also be used to show where there were existing gaps in UK skill sets and where future training and recruitment may be required to meet both National Emergencies and future global opportunities.




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