National Insurance for elderly care

I am in the fortunate position of having a good company pension. not a huge pension but a pension that provides for a comfortable retirement.

I have no mortgage to pay and no family to keep other than my wife. We have more than enough to cover all the things we need to live well.

I strongly feel that those of us drawing pensions that are equal to or better than some of the salaries being paid to those working should be paying national insurance.

Some are against this having made contributions all their life but there is no realistic argument against it.

It is a simple change because those of us in his category are already paying income tax on the same basis as those working.

People with low pensions do not pay income tax and would not pay national insurance.

To make this change acceptable the additional monies raised should be ring fenced to be used for the care of the elderly.

This change would help the government meet their pledge to deal with the costs of providing this care.

My pension is a good one and i can afford it. so can many others with large pensions.

It would be good to know just how much this simple change would make and if sold properly to the public i believe it would be acceptable

It would go some way towards facilitating a change in the present rules where people are having to sell their property and drain their savings to fund the costs of care.




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