Need for Structural and Constitutional change to the way we are Governed.

The Pandemic is a Global challenge to the: WHO, EU, UK, Devolved Nations, Counties, Boroughs, Communities, and Households. Of these, we look to Westminster, with disastrous consequences (except for Care Homes and Churches which have done quite well). ‚’ The virus travels where people travel. Westminster has failed to close airports or shut-down high-speed intercity travel, while travel operators continue to operate frequent-flyer discounts and other loyalty schemes. Westminster has tried to reinvent organisations from scratch, bypassing the established agencies like the NHS and HSE. Worst of all, Westminster has tried to interfere in our private lives on a highly questionable legal and constitutional basis. It is not possible for a Centralized Government to know how Communities and Households work. Each is different, and there is no one size that fits all; the result is policies that chop and change on a daily basis. It is our fault for thinking answers will come from Westminster. Westminster could channel knowledge and intelligence, coordinate training, and empower more-local organisations to take appropriate action; including financial support (on a rule basis). Local Councillors, Governors, Trustees, Estate Owners and Operators must of course be held legally responsible; theirs is an awesome role. The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 is a good starting point as far as it takes the burden of responsibility for protecting local communities off Westminster, and places it firmly into the hands of the Local Authorities. The Cygnus Report is another good starting point. ‚’ I think we should explore and grow these initiatives; to ensure that we are ready to fight the next Civil Emergency at the local level. – We will need also to find a way to switch seamlessly between Democracy and Autocracy and back without fear or favour, or lasting damage or privilege.




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