Since the Insurgence of the Covid-19 crisis, Health care professionals,The Government,Policy advocates and individuals all over the world have been so consumed with preventing the virus that they’ve forgotten that there are other forms of ailments that people are actually detrimental to the health and can lead to death eventually. Due to the fear of contacting the virus,these individuals would rather stay at home and treat themselves or go ahead and purchase over the counter drugs with no actual medical prescription some of which may eventually lead to death. Take a look at the elderly ones for example, majority of them go to the hospital or health care center at least twice a week for medical check up but now that the covid virus is spreading so fast and they’re most likely to contact it due to their lack of immunity to combat the virus,they would stay at home and sometimes perform self medication, some of them may even have underlying sicknesses they know nothing about due to lack of constant check up as some of them cannot afford the financial capacity to hire a medical professional to come treat them at home and even those who can afford it are scared due to physical contact. This is the same thing for the whole human populace,some people have viruses and diseases which they’re scared of taking to the hospitals due to the fear of the virus and succumb to treating themselves at home. Some Individuals have died and it’s been attributed to the Covid 19 meanwhile that individual was suffering from a sickness and would rather stay at home and At home and treat himself or herself. I believe this has posed to be a major challenge and if properly looked into can be severed.




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