New World solutions

The pandemic has indeed imbedded a scar on humanity and individuals. All we do is look forward to ways by which we can manage the new patterns of life . Which we can’t change but live to adapt and spring up a way of survival and adaptations.

Let’s take a look at social gatherings. The pandemic has placed a restriction on every aspect of gatherings. i.e Work, conference and classroom learning. With the new dimension of isolated working and learning, basically, everything is done via the Internet. We work online , we shop on line, we order for food and groceries on the internet thereby placing a higher percentage of life responsibilities/task solely on the telecommunication industry. To my own opinion this is a great challenge to the government and individuals. If they happen to suffer a major glitch. Even the government and individuals we suffer a great loss and set back. The government should set up a well equipped governmental body to aid in the running and monitoring of our internet as part of a government organisation that is been attended to on a daily basis to save us a stroke in the future!




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