NHS Contracts for Care Homes

When a patient enters the NHS the cost of treatment and care, including ongoing therapy, is paid by the NHS. This is not the case in dementia.

My mother in law, Doreen, was diagnosed with dementia. Doreen was cared for in her own home, with regular carers attending.

Doreen went for a walk, got lost and fell, resulting in a trip to A&E. The specialist agreed with the dementia diagnosis but insisted Doreen would not be allowed to return to her home, but must have 24 hour care as she was unable to look after herself.

Doreen was taken to a private care home where she stayed until she passed, three years later. To cover the cost an endowment costing £100,000 was taken out by the family to cover her care.

Why was the cost of her illness not covered by the NHS who diagnosed her illness.

Care home place generally cost less than an NHS hospital stay.

My proposal is, private care homes to apply for a service contract, making the dementia part of their delivery under the auspices of the NHS. This could reduce demand on local authority budgets and remove the stress and financial implications faced by families.




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