The Challenge that I found out was our offline education. As it took a major setback due to this deadly coronavirus across the nation or rather we can say across the globe it was hard for students to attend the classes offline. Later this challenge became an opportunity in the form of an option and that is online teaching methodology. Yeah I agree to the fact that it was not an easy task like that of a piece of cake. Certainly it took a lot of efforts from our government, teachers and students. Initially for most of the teachers it was a new way of teaching online and for students it was a new way of learning online. But lateron everyone adapted to this new way of learning things. According to me distance learning will reinforce teaching and learning approaches that we know do not work well. Many countries are shifting to distance learning approaches, whether through distributing physical packets of materials for students or through using technology to facilitate online learning. And there are real risks because many of these approaches can be very solitary and didactic when you are just asking students to sit and quietly watch videos, read documents online, or click through presentations. The worst form of learning is to sit passively and listen, and this may be the form that most students will receive during school closures. It serves no one well, especially those who are the furthest behind.

I think it’s an opportunity for the education sector to take a new leap via this tech aid as it truely share what works in a global way.I don’t think prior to this crisis, that we have been able to do this and we would have missed a big opportunity if we don’t tried it.




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