Our Youth in Crisis, fuelling Hope and how to supercharge our Future

The challenge is to find a means to provide hope for all those young people who fear their life chances have been permanently damaged by COVID-19. This applies particularly those from disadvantaged communities where the temptations of a criminal lifestyle offer more to them that anything else they now see. The fear of violence such young people experience, needs to be replaced by hope and opportunity, employment prospects, and a supportive environment in which to bring about the change they seek. This challenge presents and opportunity to use the power of the internet, of community, and of social media to steer young people and all those inclined to support them in the easiest possible way through to the right solution for them by the most effective form of collaboration. I believe I have the mechanism now to enable, empower, to build bridges and ultimately to change so many young lives. My plan is to do so not by using the power of the internet and social media to bear. this will not be done by replacing the work of others, but by enhancing the work the best of them already perform so well. The challenge can be met by bringing the skills of the world of youth engagement, business, arts, health, sport, education, policing, local and national government, and the power of the community together to make a difference to the lives of young people.




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