Over-stretched public resources in healthcare and education, and an unfulfilled workforce in the private sector

There are many issues that have impacted society for years, and post-Covid these will likely be exacerbated:

1. Insufficient funds to adequately care for the elderly, the lonely & housebound, the vulnerable.

2. Growing number of mental health diagnoses.

3. Young people lacking role models and opportunities in sports and the arts.

4. Struggle to recruit and retain talented volunteers in the fields of criminal law (the Magistracy), reservists, special constables

5. Growing class sizes and teachers under pressures of paperwork meaning some children fall behind in basics such as reading and numeracy.

6. An unfulfilled labour force: plenty of talented & passionate people who are not able to utilise their skills and passions because these don‚’t pay well enough; also people who want to contribute more to society but have to do it around work & family commitments. Frustrated individuals who may even take early retirement due to stress and feeling that they can‚’t do what they truly love when they are working.

To give some examples:

o Pen Portrait 1: music graduate who works as an estate agent to pay their rent and regrets not being able to use their talent.

o Pen Portrait 2: senior partner in a law firm who feels compelled to be at their desk 60 hours/week. Would like to spend time reading with local school children but feels this won‚’t be appreciated by colleagues or respected by junior staff.

o Pen Portrait 3: call centre worker who has a passion for coaching football but can only do it in the evening. Too late for younger players, not feasible in the winter.




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