Pandemic proves business can continue online

Despite the pandemic safety rules, Government has managed to continue business pretty much as usual. Occasional face to face meetings are needed BUT this is the time to review the need for MPs to get second homes, with the related and expenses. These costs have caused a drop in trust and faith in our government.

So, buy/build an apartment block. Some apartments for those that need to spend more time in London but serviced rooms which can be booked by MPs when they need to be in London. Run as not-for-profit. MPs have a constituency with a main home so do not need to have a fulltime base in London funded by the public purse. Working late into the evening may be necessary but we have shown online meetings can achieve this so no need for hotels.

This will help build more trust in parliament as the public will see that there is less opportunity for exploiting expenses, costs will fall, less admin needed, more streamlined etc.

No flipping homes, making money on property they do not have to pay back etc so more transparent government ‚’ in turn will lead to people being more trusting and compliant public. Source




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