Peace in the sky

I live in Sneinton on the east side of Nottingham and underneath the flight path of aircraft approaching East Midlands Airport. One of the blessings of the virus lockdowns has been the reduction of noise pollution caused by air traffic: I would love this to continue.

Before I rocked up in Nottingham I lived for 30+ years in Looe, Cornwall so I am well aware of the power of the tourist input to a local economy. However, since the advent of cut-price fares on the likes of Ryanair, more areas of the world are developing a dependence on international tourism which ultimately is a hiding to nothing. We seem to have learnt nothing from the railway boom of the 19th/early 20th centuries.

It is my wish that we could reduce the cost of travel in our own country so that ordinary working people could afford to take their families to all the amazing places in the UK, and support struggling communities abroad with aid rather than CO emmisions.




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