Prison conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic

Prisoners in the UK have been locked up in their cells for a minimum of 23 hours a day during the pandemic. In most civilised countries this would normally be seen as inhumane or even torture. It has been going on for most of the previous year and is currently continuing. They are unable to attend courses, take exercise or work.

It may be seen as a lesser problem for the society against which they have offended. However,

it is well documented that many prisoners have neurological conditions such as ADHD, Autism, etc and often these are frequently linked with mental health issues and / or learning differences such as Dyslexia. Their mental health conditions will most likely have been exacerbated by the regime under which they have been kept, or at least not improved during their sentence period. On release they will receive little support and are at risk of increasing the numbers of rough sleepers and homeless people which this country already has, to its shame. There is also a significant risk of them becoming drug and/or alcohol addicts, or returning to their addictions. This is therefore an on-going issue for society on many levels which needs to be addressed.




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