Pro-Actively Strengthening Young Person Mental Wellbeing

The Challenge

One-in-six young people (14 to 19) are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing and the pandemic has weakened their mental health/wellbeing further.

Support is only provided when a young person is in crisis and this support is often delayed. Young people are not pro-actively prepared (with techniques, methods, ideas, approaches) so they can make sense of life experiences (an automatic function of their brain) and choose how these experiences can leave them feeling physically, mentally and philosophically stronger.

The Opportunity

Subtly shift the purpose and function of Secondary School Form Time in year 7 and 8 so that it focuses on teaching young people Pro-Active Life Skills – drawing from their own rich life experiences. Teachers are often reticent to “enter into the domain” of mental health/wellbeing for fear of “opening up a can of worms”. Our evidence shows that once they are taught the PALS facilitation techniques they become confident and also strengthen their own ability to strengthen their mental wellbeing.

Schools have often struggled to find a role in this respect- the New Meaning PALS approach combined with a subtle reorientation of school form time strengthens a schools role in life of all young people.




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