Project – Restore Earth

COVID-19 – a pandemic that brought us closer to life. Every moment seems precious now. Despite the ominous spread of the virus, we could still be optimistic in the accompaniment of our family members. With loved ones by our side, it became easier to deal with our worldly issues one day at a time. Indeed love and care are those emotions that help us fight the toughest battles we can think of. If only this sort of emotion could have been attributed to the nature around us, we wouldn’t have been dealing with this situation in the first place.

We are standing at the threshold of a new era with whole new respect for mankind and for every other living being around us. With this impression in mind, we need to recuperate our attitude towards the conservation of nature for a sustainable future. The lockdown was a palliative experience for our ecological system as it witnessed a decrease in carbon footprint due to fewer economic activities around. Experiencing smoke-free skies and breathing dust-free air was a relief for every living object on this planet. Undoubtedly, the degradation of the environment does have severe diabolical effects on the ecological system. It is essential for us to think out of the box while holding onto our traditional views to ameliorate the environmental complications arising these days. To start with, Cleaning severely affected water bodies should be our priority. Maintaining them by capping their usage to prevent negative externalities should be next on our agenda. Groundwater preservation and capping greenhouse gases from households and vehicles should be our next concern.




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