Promoting Safe Digitisation for the Young Family

Of three key areas of development and opportunity arising from the pandemic: Climate Change; Digitisation and Mental Health & Wellbeing, my proposal tackles all three to some degree.

As a Chair of Governors in primary schools I observe that some schools and young families, particularly in deprived areas, are poorly equipped, both in school and at home, for taking positive advantage of all the good things offered by the internet. At best they lag behind where they could, and probably should, be.

Many families lack enough devices appropriate for learning, access to sufficient broadband width, and access to problem-solvers.

Some schools lack the IT expertise among their staff teams or the funding to buy it in and promote safe use online.

Many parents and some staff lack confidence and training in the safe use of hardware and software.

There is a need to tackle these issues in a way which transcends current arrangements for the provision of Adult Learning and Primary Education in particular.

The solution should by definition address digitisation. It would also contribute to improved dignity and confidence for those who may be suffering from some level of despair and hopelessness in the current situation and beyond. By encouraging and supporting home-working, thereby reducing the need to commute, it should contribute to sustainability and the ‘green’ agenda. At the same time it should grant the space and time for individuals to get creative and help to lead productivity and the economy forwards.




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