Providing job opportunities for the young

The Covid-19 pandemic has entailed a great loss of jobs already and some industries may never recover. For young people just starting out on their careers this is an uncertain and worrying time, with jobs in very short supply. Everything should be done to try and make as many jobs available to them as possible. One way of doing this is to allow older people to claim the state pension earlier, thus allowing them to retire and free up more jobs for younger people. Over the last few years the Government of the day has steadily increased the age at which future pensions can be claimed, with this process still ongoing and presumably eventually heading towards 70 being the standard pension age. This is misguided as not only do many people not want to have to work until this age but it also means that jobs are being retained by older people when they could and should be surrendered to younger people to allow them to get on the career ladder. Of course if people want to continue working into old age and are still fully capable of doing their job well then they should not be forced into retiring. However, the majority of people who have spent their whole lives working would much prefer the opportunity to spend time with friends and family while they still have their health. This constant increase in the pension age should be stopped and the pension age kept at 65 (or younger) for both men and women.




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