Public transport

Before Covid, trains and buses were often over-crowded, especially at peak times; many flights were crowded. Although this was self-limiting (being a deterrent), the concept of using public transport was instilled in many people, perhaps at least partly for environmental reasons. Some businesses and individuals were making efforts to reduce flying.

Public transport since March has been discouraged (except for essential travel), putting transport businesses in jeopardy. In addition, many people now consider it safer, and even sensible, to drive. At the same time, working from home (WFH) has increased, but:

a) the infrastructure is often inadequate

b) some people struggle with it

c) it may reduce creativity and team working benefits

1. How do we exploit the advantages of using public transport safely, maintain/develop that infrastructure cost-effectively and re-build confidence to use it responsibly

2. How do we reduce car use?

3. How do we improve WFH?




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