Re-defining human connection

One of the key challenges of the Covid 19 crisis worldwide is the loss of human connection and interaction. As humans, we are made to socialize, live in community and support one and other, at least that is the ideal. Pre-Covid 19, there were several opportunities to connect and spend time together, such as through the arts. Because of this crisis, theaters are now closed, community painting events are laid off, concerts are all online and restaurants are only partly open. There are two problem here, artists, especially performing artists are out of work and figuring out on how to present their work online. However, because of extended screen times, people are now less and less engaging in online activities. This extensive isolation can then lead to mental health issues and an increase domestic violence with no-one to monitor this situation. The arts industry is often forgotten, however, now that we are losing these ways of connection and inspiration, we start seeking them without knowing where to look. Through this crisis, we now have the opportunity to understand the importance of such interactions and would need to enhance the revival of the arts sector and encourage safe/distanced interactions despite zoom fatigue. An example would be arts installations throughout cities and towns that people can discover on their daily work. This will give them something to talk about with friends and families, encourages people to go outside and keep artists active.




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