Reducing Carbon emissions and Pollution cause by Road Traffic

If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything is has shown that during the earlier lockdown lower traffic volumes made a dramatic improvement by reducing CO2 emissions and lower pollution. Sadly this was a short live improvement and traffic volumes and hence pollution are returning to their normal high level

It seems that there has been little progress in reducing pollution and emissions from Road Traffic (annual CO2 emissions 113 Million tonnes NVA Figures) It is still acceptable that some drivers of cars and commercial vehicles continue to regularly exceed the National and local Speed limits. A recent survey of motorway driving reveals that 80% of vehicles are travelling at a much higher speeds exceeding the national speed limits. Vehicles traveling especially large vehicles and vans at these excessive speeds use much more fuel and emit greater levels of CO2 and pollutants. (estimated to be 10-15% more fuel usage and pollution)

Where speeds are limited by traffic and roadworks the use of average speed cameras means that drivers do general obey the limits. Despite the lower limits experience of road users is that there are really no holdups caused by these lower limits and traffic generally flows. We are in a climate emergency and really need to take some fairly radical but very simple actions. A Oxford University study collaboration estimated the cost to the NHS of health damage through traffic pollution to be £6 Billion per year




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