Reducing loneliness, increasing housing supply and reducing care costs

The pandemic has highlighted the number of older people living on their own, the isolation they have suffered and the difficulties of providing them with care and support. Over the next ten years the number of elderly people living on their own is set to significantly increase. These are not poor people. They are home owners with significant pensions and are a result of the prosperity created in the UK over the last 50 years. However, increasingly they are becoming isolated as their children become less willing or indeed able to look after them. In many cases the housing they live in is far bigger than they need and as they become older and in need of more health care the cost of care provided by the state will increase dramatically.

The opportunity is to provide a new approach to providing an economic long term solution by-

Firstly creating communities which they can be part of and contribute to.

Secondly reducing health costs as isolation leads to greater health issues.

Thirdly releasing quality housing stock for use by younger generations.




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