Reducing speeding and pollution, cutting greenhouse gases and improving the environment

The first lockdown presented us with quieter roads, fresher air, relative silence and less pollution. It is well known that speeding impacts negatively in all sorts of ways. My solution is an app, which people have on their phones. They film people speeding. A simple alogorithm based on the known distance between lamp posts should make it possible to determine the speed a vehicle was travelling in towns and cities. The location of the person taking the footage would be GPS/What Three Words tagged (to prevent one offence being reported multiple times….first to submit gets the reward). The clip is time/date stamped, and submitted to the police. If found guilty, the person submitting the evidence gets ¬£5 out of the fine. Smart phones are ubiquitous…..a few weeks of every concerned citizen submitting footage I suspect would result in all drivers choosing to stick to the speed limit, and our environment improved, road safety enhanced and our national carbon footprint reduced




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