Reserve Register for recently retired NHS staff

Many highly qualified medical professionals volunteered at the beginning of the Covid Crisis to return to work. They were not used bec of complex levels of red tape.

The British Medical Association holds a comprehensive data base of all professionals that have worked for the NHS in the last 20 yrs. The same applies to the Nursing Council.

When a worker retires, they could allow their registration No and recent CV to be held on a reserve database. The NHS would take over their insurance requirement for the duration of the emergency.

In an emergency they could submit proof of identity, registration no, a copy of their CV to the Reserve register. These could be distributed to local hospitals as additional staff .

This would alleviate the intense pressure on current staff and maybe keep open many of the beds that were closed.

When staff leave the NHS, they could take 2 sets of scrubs, to be retained for emergency .

All Volunteers, regardless of expertise, would be paid £100 per day tax free.( Many are already receiving

significant pensions )

In an emergency, the cost benefit analysis of a pragmatic approach is more important than endless unimportant HR regulations.




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