Restoring trust in, and respect for, politicians and the political institution

The management of Covid-19, whilst of unprecedented complexity, has not improved the public’s confidence in politicians. Politicians have struggled to appear coherent, assured us that they are ‘following the science’ without explaining what the science is and as a result, some are taking matters into their own hands rather than adhering to the guidance. I would like to see a project aimed at restoring confidence in the political system. It would require two ‘ends’ ; an improved system for the public to hold politicians to account and an improved way for politicians to respond to public concerns. It would seek to address the habit (of some) to avoid answering genuinely reasonable questions and impose more transparent consequences when the required standards of public life have been breached.

If the project was successful and helped to restore the public’s confidence in politicians, the management of issues such as Covid would be significantly assisted. Countries such as Norway and New Zealand which appear to have a better relationship between ‘governed’ and governing’ appear to have weathered this storm much better.




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