Rethink the Health Service

The redesign of the Health Service is the challenge and opportunity presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Two things have become clear: i) the health service is a highly regarded treasure but (and this is key) ii) it desperately needs a reshape and new design – and money. (See “Radical Help”, Hilary Cottam)

The challenge is not to go back to the old ways of doing things now that Covid has highlight the weak areas and where it’s particularly stretched. It’s all been known for some time but it’s time to have the courage to pause and think carefully to do something radically different. Regardless of the political review of Covid, have a review from the health service point of view to ensure all learning is captured and helps shape the future. This would include the good, the bad and the imbetween. Local businesses, GP’s, families and patients, ambulances etc etc.

We cannot afford to lose the Health Service as it’s more than proved its worth.

We can and must rethink the way it works, avoiding the political pingpong and providing crossparty solutions.




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