Reviewing and restructuring the national education system to be fit for the future

Education creates potential, possibility and empowers generations. The impact of COVID-19 demonstrates that we require to be more agile, creative and flexible around educational opportunities in the future; the framework within which it is developed; to set that against a strategy, not for the next few weeks or months, but for the next five, ten, twenty years. We have become focussed and preoccupied upon driving a a three term structure encompassing a rigid framework for assessment, instead of seizing one of the most significant opportunities to review and restructure our primary, secondary and higher education system to be fit for the future. For example, should we shift education to a calendar year? should university courses be broader? is three years too long or two short? should the courses be modular? why do trainee nurses and doctors have to pay fees for their course when trainee soldiers and police do not? Now is the time to convene the best minds in education and industry to redefine our aspirations and how we meet it.




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