Risks to health care staff

Challenge : there has been a massive issue during the pandemic in health care staff being at risk of contracting disease, this risk is far-reaching from hands-on nursing staff to non-clinical staff, cleaners, facilities staff working in hospitals, care homes and other health care organisations.

In addition to the risk of contracting disease, it is clear that there are not enough staff to fulfill critical needs during this time, due to the increase in hospital admissions. This doesn’t just apply to looking after the sick, but now more recently it is clear that there is also a lack of staff to provide vaccinations.

It is clear that the consequences of this are less than ideal care for patients, exhausted staff, slow deployment of care and depleted services. More recently, the lack of qualified staff to administer vaccines could result in a delay in deployment of the vaccination resulting in more cases and subsequent hospital admissions. We find ourselves in a cycle of doom.

In worst case scenarios, patients are on oxygen in A&E ( The Times 02.01.2020) and patients are being transferred to the other hospitals when they are at their sickest.

If (when), there is another pandemic there needs to be a better solution to this.




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