At the core of the ceasing of the Coronavirus Pandemic was the essential need for all humans to follow rules. The definition of rule as a noun is ‘ one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity. Or control of a dominion over an area or people’. The Government has needed and tried to achieve both of these definitions.

How successfully has it done this? An impossible question to answer? But a vital one to consider for when this situation arises again.

People don’t necessarily like following rules but in a situation where it is essential for survival? There has been a strong element of denial. Such thoughts as ‘these rules are for everyone else not me’, ‘I am immortal’, ‘ I have my faith to protect me’, ‘ Other people are not following these rules’.

So back to our original definition of the word rule.’ A set of explicit or understood regulations or principles’.

Were our regulations explicit and understood? ‘Yes and no ‘is the answer and this is the root of the problem.

In an era where we have more forms of communication than ever before, we felt bombarded and confused.

The rules were not conveyed explicitly and who knows whether they were understood? Surely, it is simplicity that has to prevail. Less is more, and to be lead by example.

Myself, I tried my best to follow the rules. I understood they were for my benefit to prevent me from getting Covid but how many people felt that? And ultimately did I follow the rules? Or did I just get lucky?




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