Science impact benefits from fear of doing the wrong measure

The key challenge for the responsible persons in government in this crisis is, that they don‚’t know how to act in the best way to respond to a situation that the world has never faced like this. Thus, they still act out of fear of doing the wrong measure instead out of a deep-rooted trust in doing the right thing. That fact empowered the influence and the role of the scientists. Although science is limited to the current measurable facts, the representatives had been put on a pedestal. We all know that there is so much beyond the measurable in our lives! And even the scientists have diverse opinions about the virus. A kind of snowball effect and competition among the nations is amplifying this process. On top Britain has to deal with the consequences of Brexit. And now we face this unique situation: It is like you killed a fly in using a wrecking ball, devastating a whole country. And in this lies the unique opportunity: Most of the structures might be practically destroyed in a few months. We can now rebuild the house with a solid foundation and contemporary organisations. And we can go very deep, if we dare to act so. For that we require a trust in the self-healing powers of the land. And we need grounded and responsible people who act whole-hearted on behalf of the community and be able to ask for advice. We as the people have to take responsibility too in our immediate environment. The times of leaning back and an attitude like ‚Äûwell, let the politicians do the job‚’ seem to be over. In the future the citizens are more and more asked and to participate and share their resources in their communities. Plenty of forward-looking solutions exists already.




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