Self awareness has been ameliorated

What do I mean by ameliorated self awareness? It means knowing ones state of mind on a higher level allowing them to achieve more. As a result of lock down people have been limited by the influence of others in society. There were conspicuously other methods of influence such as social media however they were limited because being physically pressured and pressure introduced through a screen are significantly different in general. Now the question arises is a lack of social influence, across a certain time period, beneficial for us and if so why? The answer is simple. Yes it is. This statement is not contentious but an ultimate fact. When we are alone our mind thinks of new ideas and you begin to develop positive habits. A person wants what is good for them and never what would do them harm? Therefore when under social influence people tend to neglect what would improve themselves in order in aid others or follow others. However through isolation you become more aware of your habits, your likes, dislikes etc. You think more about your actions and are able to contemplate is this really good for me and why am I doing this? Lock down essentially forces you to get to know yourself and when this happens people become more innovative and triggers creativity. People have being finding alternate ways to carry out daily tasks making them more thoughtful in the process and aware of their capabilities. Moreover when isolated society is limited in telling you how much you can achieve as a person. Essentially lock down has allowed us to gain knowledge about ourselves and I believe this is a beneficial experience globally as now people know their strengths and know that time isn’t always available allowing them to try their best always.




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