Sharing our energy saving knowledge for existing buildings.

Having designed and carried out all the practical work on eco/energy refurbishment of my own house I have realised that what most people want are both local examples of what can be done and easily accessible technical information which relates to their building. Across the country now are a growing number of low to zero energy conversions of existing buildings but the how to do it is not readily accessible to most people because it sits on the hard drives of architects, surveyors, and services engineers. The solution is to set up a website loaded with real examples from such experts arranged as a 3-D spreadsheet with house type along one axis and house age on another. When you find a house of very similar age and type to your own you can then drill down into the detail of the scheme, perhaps paying a little more for each stage. A proportion of the income would go back to the contributing experts. The different professional bodies would need to be on board with setting this up.




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