Solving the housing crisis

The UK has had a clear residential housing crisis for some time now. According to the BBC, the housing crisis affects some 8.4 million Britons, and the Government has been planning to build 300,000 new homes each year. However they have fallen short, and built less that 250,000 last year.

With the Coronavirus meaning that there have been national wide lockdowns and people being told not to go into work, there are many office buildings lying empty. Coronavirus has also shown some businesses that there may not be a need for office buildings anymore. Microsoft is one company that has announced that it will be allowing employees to work from home permanently.

All of these empty office buildings could therefore be repurposed as residential buildings. This would go some way as to resolving the housing crisis in the UK. It would also help the UK economy, as office building owners could find a new way to generate income; through repurposing their property. This would also create office jobs and construction jobs.




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