Strategy for the future of Healthcare – tackling this together as one NHS

When the NHS Website states “The NHS is a complex system, which can sometimes make it difficult to understand ‚’ especially working out who is responsible for what”, then surely COVID-19 and future pandemics will only increase the complexity of a very large system with other 200 trusts with no joint approach to tackling a UK wide issue. The key challenge is how the UK Government can bring together the various strategic thinking into one and put the focus of the NHS Workforce where it needs to be on the front line. COVID-19 has shown that there is a shortage of front line staff; however there is a simple solution / opportunity in the form of the non-clincial staff, by bringing these under one single Government Department and being employed as a Civil Servant will allow support at a regional / local level, whilst focusing the staff budget and spending budget to the frontline staff. A One NHS Focus, will save on non-clincial staff and commercial costs such as cleaning / stores / bedding etc… This is similar to how Departments such as the MoD and FCDO are working. This will allow a collaborative approach for a One NHS that will put the front line staff first and support the UK Public, whilst preparing for any future pandemics.




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