Tackling carbon emission to respond to climate Change.

COVID- 19 has bring a lot of challenges worldwide to human life. But whoever despite of those challenges there is also some opportunities to the earth which also have positive impacts to Climate Change to some extent. As a result of Lock down and movement restrictions led to low carbon emission which is much contribute to global warming as a result of human activities. Most of Industrial Production was stopped ,Car movement were stopped, cutting down trees for human activities were reduced, burning of fossil fuel were lowered and all activities related to carbon emission this will help to save our planet and also save our lives from respiratory diseases, prevent natural disasters ,rising in sea levels, It shows that we can develop a new normal and being able to copy from it. People develop habit of using smoke free vehicles like bicycle and also develop habit of walking when going to short distance places instead of using cars, It protect also the environment form air and noise pollution at large, Keeps the Environment safe, Reduce Road accidents and safes life. Policies should be enacted worldwide to see how we can continue practice such behavior because there is no planet How we can reach zero carbon.




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