the boasted transformation of telehealth

Generally, the Covid-19 pandemic has posed profound challenges among different sectors such as the economy which has been hit hard. While the healthcare sector has also suffered from different challenges posed by the pandemic, it could boast of the transformation of telehealth as an opportunity presented by the pandemic. The emergence of Covid-19 has precipitated monumental changes in the healthcare sector more so on the delivery of the same to the patients (Doraiswamy 2020). With Covid-19 restrictions limiting the person-to-person contacts to avoid transmission of the virus, massive acceleration in the use of telehealth has emerged. According to statistics, the consumer adoption of telehealth has skyrocketed in comparison to the previous years in place of regular healthcare visits (Hawley 2020). With most of the Covid- 19 patients requiring urgent care, telehealth has offered the opportunity of virtual urgent care thus assisting those who might be far from healthcare facilities. Prior to the pandemic, telehealth services scope was limited and was marked by constant reimbursement challenges. Following the emergence of the menace, the consequent barriers standing in way of telehealth reimbursement have been done away with fostering its widespread adoption globally (Smith 2020). This has come as an opportunity for the transformation process, as patients as consumers of these services have consequently driven its convenience. With the shift from one-on-one services between the patients and the health practitioners refuted, the shift has not been inevitable in some places. This follows the fact that it requires improvements in information exchange and technology integration. However, the pandemic has offered a substantial opportunity for healthcare facilities to improve to handle the pandemic and for the future. In addition, the impact posed by the transformation to telehealth is tremendous as it has led to improved care access, improved convenience, and an efficient healthcare system.




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