The Caring of and Motivation of Central and Local Government and especially NHS employees.

The key challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences is to enable the workers employed by all levels of the government feel that they are cared for, loved by, valued by, and respected by all levels of their employers and all of us, the taxpayers, and the consequences of this will be that they could be motivated to work in a way which will fulfill their potential and almost certainly be more productive in the widest sense in their individual roles.

I base my answer on forty years of experience as a community pharmacist owning a small chain of community pharmacies in working-class areas of the eastern suburbs of Greater London. At the same time as running my pharmacies I attained a Masters in Health Management at London City University, taught science in secondary schools and lectured in Pharmacy Management at the UCL School of Pharmacy.

During that time I employed many men and women of different cultures, ages and gender part-time and full time.

I spent most of my time “looking after” my members of staff and achieved “Investor in People” status and was the fourth-best Small Company to Work For in the 2004 Sunday Times competition. On my retirement, I was honoured to be awarded the MBE for my services to community pharmacy.

I will show how my methods could be translated to the NHS and other government departments in Part




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