The period of lockdown paved the way to working from him. This was benefited by the already established population that have home office setup and space of carrying on with their work and rendering service. Whereas there are workers who travelled from home to squat with friends or family members due to distance. Those without the needed home setup will need to spend more out of their savings to have what is needed to work from home, even it was to be provided by the company, that will still be an extra cost.

A working mother finds it difficult to work from home because of interference and supervision of her child. Her inability to meet up with daily demands calls for relieve from her job and a reduction of women in the workforce.

The stay-at-home trend if handled well will be an opening of the pathways to personal career success that was erstwhile limited to being confined in an office environment. However, a lot of middle-class workers whose jobs entail physical presence like the factory workers and warehouse not only have a slash of pay but most are laid off.

Many jobs that are been handled by selected few at home has made the workers redundant. This will give rise to increase of transfer of more wealth from the young and upcoming startups in the coffers of Big Tech as the pandemic has forced people to migrate to online activities.

A one-on-one interaction would be more productive to some firms than others especially those in search of partners as it will enable them to build up trust.




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