The Hidden Prey

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown there has been a paradigm shift in terms of how society used to function. We have only been talking about the economy, unemployment, digitalisation and so many outer issues that have been portrayed to us. But as policymakers the one thing that we miss out on is the root issues and things that we don‚’t see but have a huge impact. The rate of domestic violence during the lockdown has increased tremendously and its impact on women has been massive. Surveys mention that the calls for immediate help and relief shelters have increased in all countries but specifically in India by 100%. Due to the lockdown the husbands are at home and due to unemployment and pandemic the frustration is shown on their partners. The enhanced alcohol consumption is also a reason for the venting of anger on their partners and as they are the only bread earners they are not independent enough to live on their own. There was a case where a man had locked his wife in a small bathroom for more than a year just because he felt that she was mentally sick. These are just few cases of many that have not even been reported. The impact that it has on women is something that we cannot even contemplate because of the mental and physical torture she faces which will take years to overcome that too if they get proper help. That is also when the discussion on Marital rape begins because as dreadful as it sounds it is very much prevalent. Most of the women are victims to this and unfortunately have no say in such households.




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