The lack of regularized virtual opportunities within the job and education sector

A critical point in today‚’s covid-19 era is maintaining social distancing and precautionary measures while promoting the nation‚’s economy and social welfare of its people. One key challenge that has presented as an opportunity to win at all of the above-mentioned areas is virtual internships/ entry level job opportunities and technological education for all. As the world online education network bloomed, several MOOCs (massive open online courses) came into being, but a very few of them have been regulated, accredited and standardized for its application in the job market and even fewer virtual internships were available for those who had no prior work experience, especially fresh graduates. They were presented with the challenge of gaining it in accordance with maintaining social distancing while networking. Also, many individuals who were from diverse sectors outside the IT and computer field felt paralyzed as they had been exposed to new technology that they would have otherwise not resorted to, if they could perform them with manual effort. Technological education imparted across all age groups through part-time short-term courses in older generation and certificate short term in school and younger fresh graduates who are looking to upskill, will add to easing the load on existing professionals and promote social and economic prosperity. Through these programs suitable people can be chosen for virtual regularized internship opportunities which can help to filter out the best from those who undergo the curated programs. These will provide for world experience virtually especially to the people who are in the budding stage of work force, empower the technologically challenged and help the nation march forward with hands joined (metaphorically) and move towards a better era into the future.




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