The monopolisation of the market for consumer goods by large companies during Covid 19

As a result of lockdown guidelines, smaller local businesses have suffered a loss of customers, with many people choosing to (or having to) purchase their consumer goods online from larger companies which offer more lockdown-friendly services, such as Amazon.

This not only means that people who rely on local businesses to make a living are financially affected, but large companies which are able to offer services more suited to lockdown can further expand their power, threatening monopolisation over the market. For example, as people are discouraged from leaving their houses, many who usually buy their produce from a local supermarket may be more inclined to order their shopping online from a supermarket chain which offers delivery services.

This is detrimental to local business owners, and the expansion of large companies could result in the removal of competition from small businesses as a whole, allowing a few companies to dominate the entire market.




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