The need for a greater trust in the UK

The social restrictions which form an essential part of our battle against the pandemic have created an even greater need for accurate, timely, and balanced information and reporting to both the public and interested parties. This has been especially the case when compounded by the impact of Brexit and the UK’s new role in a new world. We need to re-establish our credibility.

Together with the advent and ascendency of social media, change is happening, and not necessarily in the right direction! It is now vital that the value of our information is not compromised, indeed it should be recognised as the best of its kind. This should then enable better made plans for the future. We should aim to establish a new process capable of providing us with a pre-eminent reputation for trust.

Throughout this period, news and information has been under stress, with an emphasis on immediacy and impact. It has tended to be reactionary, inflamatory, and unbalanced. This has resulted in unjustified misrepresentation, speculation, criticism and often disbelief, probably errors of judgement. This must change.




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