The safe training and teaching of the young for a new industry

A key challenge is to offer hope of another direction to the young who before Covid had chosen one of the industry‚’s devastated In 2020 the catering industry being one example.Why would anybody who wants a future even contemplate going into something they have no control over and in one year their dreams hopes and aspirations can be shattered. Having spent my entire life in hospitality I know that at any year from the age of 16-24 I possibly would not of achieved my goals had this happened when I was young. This country has housing stock worth over 7 trillion ,a lot of it is old and not fit for purpose and it would not take as much money as you think to put it right . A new industry could come out of this pandemic that offers hope to all those people who having seen what happens to people in industries devastated by Covid that was once but not now their chosen career. I believe in every town a new 5 year house restoring , improving, upgrading apprenticeship college course should be available each person will be taken on free to a master builder. Their time will be spent equally at college and work . The college will have the goals of theory and exams.They will supply all of all tools there uses and safety each class will be matched at work by there employer where they will learn the practical side of things by a professional of the highest standards. They will be students who will be paid in the form of student loans . There course will consist of full knowledge to nvq level 3 or above in Electician,gas plumbing, roofing, joinery, and building .




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