The Steeden’s problem receiving Medic’s telephone calls from an anonymous/witheld telephone numbers

When working from home as they are because of Covid 19 – Medical Professionals may want to withhold there telephone number when making calls, but they get blocked by their patient’s BT phones that have the standard call blocking service for such anonymous calls. (This BT service cannot be cancelled at all easily).

If the Medical Professional had a simple way of not withholding their private numbers and maybe substituting their office number, just for these special calls and not all their calls that day, it would save all the waste of time and difficulty contacting their patients on alternative mobile phones or leaving messages on the patients answerphone etc.

This has caused us massive problems during last year while my wife has been undergoing treatment for bladder cancer. We have had to issue mobile phone numbers to “all and sundry” in case any of them want to call her for urgent consultations, test results or appointments etc.




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