The unresolved case of mental health

Although in recent years, mental health has had more focus in the public eye, it is vital to realise that noticing an issue is just as important as resolving it. In unprecedented times, in which we are unsure what will happen next or when we could potentially go into the next lockdown, there has been rising or ‘more acknowledged’ cases of anxiety, depression and other underlying mental health concerns amongst all people, spanning across the generations and different ethnic backgrounds. Recent studies have shown that anxiety and depression stand to be the most common mental health concerns amongst men and women. Thus, at the disadvantage of the unsupported, statics have shown that 1 in 5 people attempt suicide at one point in their life.

In the chaos of the current climate it easy for those suffering internally, from day to day, to be overlooked and disregarded. However, it is essential to ensure that everyone, particularly males who are held to the expectation of being unemotional and strong, is aware that it is okay to feel the way that they do. Therefore, throughout the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic we should support each other by just letting people know that we care. Whether it’s asking how they are, giving them a little gift or just acknowledging that you are there if they need you.

Everyone may have issues that unexpectedly arrive in their lives and the pandemic has been a particularly challenge, thus it is important to make a conscious effort to help those who may be battling with their mental health.




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