There is no vaccine for our national debt

It seems to me the government‚’s sole financial policy is to throw money at the pandemic and to worry about the economic consequences on our country when the pandemic is over. My belief is based on the complete lack of discussion in the media on our debt crisis and on the Chancellor‚’s Summer Statement and his recent mini-budget where he astonishingly avoided any mention whatsoever on how and when he is going to tackle our debt. With UK National Debt mushrooming to over ¬£2trillion, and rising, the government seems to be pinning all its hopes on a return to normality on the effectiveness of hastily manufactured vaccines that were approved in an unprecedented short period of time. What happens if, like contact tracing, Test Kits and Lockdowns, they don‚’t work, leading to many more months of lockdowns and even more debt to support the economy? This policy alone is not sustainable and we need to look for radical and innovative cost saving opportunities that we can execute immediately. In doing this, we can avoid the need to increase taxes that only damage our economy in the long run.




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